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Soullings - A village building and crafting game about Gods - we are bringing more news after a few weeks. We have around 7 Professions working (with just a few basic items) and advancing on our business side.

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This week update: business, game progress, game professions and more.

Hey everyone,

We were very busy for the past few weeks on creating new features for the game and also finishing a lot of business contacts to help us on publishing the game worldwide. It is not an easy task. Although our company founders has very good experience developing games, sometimes it is just hard to show to other companies the type of game we want to deliver and that we can actually deliver. We are waiting a few answers and let's see how will end. But we promise that our partnership will only make this game better.

We also finished our full Milestone plan (maybe we will make it public at the right time) and this will help us with the game development.
About the game: we have so much to show and now with more details (no more just technical stuff that we finished). We even finished 2 different log and bug tracking system for the game =)

Our Lings can already think, talk with each other, sleep, age, have lunch and dinner (only standing at the moment, they will use tables and chairs in a future update), can work on 7 different professions (Lumberjack, Miner, Farmer, Builder, Herbalist, Cooker and Carpenter), much more and more to come still in November. The game mechanics to make them die (yes, sad but true) will be also ready this month. We have many crafting items working and more to come. Still, the hardest part is to balance everything to make it fun enough for the game progress.

The game UI received a lot of news already based on real publishers and players feedback. A game like this will have many information at the same time happening on your screen, so a good UX is also hard to finish as good as possible. There are even more information now, where the game let you know in case you are out of food or warehouse space (yes, warehouses are now implemented, YAY).

During the next few weeks, we will probably close a partnership with a nice company and we may or may not have much more info soon. It will all depends now on our marketing strategy, but our plans here and with the community WILL NOT change: we want many players following us and helping with feedback. One step at a time.

T4 Team

David_Jackson - - 1,065 comments

That's awesome! ^_^

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t4interactive Author
t4interactive - - 56 comments


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meganoobmind - - 23 comments

Really looks awesome dev. Great work so far.

Hope we get the game as soon as possible :)

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t4interactive Author
t4interactive - - 56 comments

Thanks we are really working hard on this

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