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Soullings are coming and the Lings will win your hearth or destroy it. This is our new village-building and crafting game where you are a God.

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Hello everyone,

This is our first post just to say that we will have more news very soon about our first game as a new game dev startup. First of all, English is not our mother tongue, so please forgive us for any grammar errors (we promised to always try to fix it). We are old friends and industry game developers that banded together to create amazing new experiences. We created a new IP divided in a four game series, where we want to share this world with our community and future players. Games that has a story, a good gameplay... and no problems. We always followed IndieDB and we think it is an amazing channel to share our game as your first impression, to get our first feedback.

In game screenshot of v0.0.5

Soullings is not really the first game, but not the last, and not the second... we are creating two new game prototypes based in our unique IP and, the first one we get an investment, will be the real first =) but what this means? It means that we believe in these four games, in our IP, and we want to share with the world and with you, the players, the community.

Final characters concepts

We want to show that Soullings is a game that was designed to explore not only the building part, but also to make the players to feel something for it's followers, the Lings. There is so much to talk about that we will make new posts every week to explain for you about this new game. They are not just... there... they want you to take care of them, they want you to help them evolve. You're a God afterall. But you still have limited powers. Based on games like "Stonehearth", "Banished" and "Black & White", Soullings was designed to give players what were missing in those games, but also adding unique features where we can expand the game a lot in the future. All this will only be possible with the help of the community, where our company has it's roots.

A few concepts before the final one.

The first real concept of the characters

These concepts where made thinking about how the game world and story will evolve, how the gameplay will fit with the style we always wanted and dreamed about. And, as I said above, we want to share with you and know your feedback. If there is anything that maybe worth your time sharing, please do. Let us know what you think.

WIP of the professions UI

This is our first message and, please, please, help us with feedbacks, with what you think it could be fun in a game like this. Our company will be totally focused in our community... without happy players, there are no future games. We want you to be sharing, to be talking, to be cursing... and at the end, having super fun with the games, because that's what we want to do... having fun too.

Kind regards


MJzo - - 22 comments

Wow...looks awesome

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t4interactive Author
t4interactive - - 56 comments

Glad you like it. As soon as we post more news, please feel free to send us your feedback. IndieDB is the first channel that we are showing the game and, for some time, we plan to keep it that way =)

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