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Sorry it has been so long with no news, updates, or uploads, but I am back with a fresh look on my old idea.

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Soon after my first post on here I ran into some computer issues and loss a large amount of my work I had done. After getting back to where I could work I wanted to work on something new because I had been working on the same idea for a large amount of time, and I wanted something different. After playing around with a few other ideas, I still came back to what I had been working on, but with a more opened mind. The game will be running on the unreal engine, thanks the UDK.

So what will I be working on?

I will be working on a survival horror game, that has a co-op option to it (probably up to four players). I have thrown out everything that I had for my other idea, and starting fresh today. The game play is probably going to be something between Amnesia the Dark Decent, and Silent Hill. I plan on having a few random weapons in the game (knife, crowbar, ax, ect...), but there will be few in the game and hard to get. I still want a main focus on this game to be the co-op. I plan on letting the players be able to go together and explore, but I also want them to get split up in parts. I plan on many puzzles and riddles in the game. The story idea of the game is still kind of rough. I am always opened to ideas if any one has any.

I hope to be better at updating and letting people know how things are going. So until next time, thanks for reading.


Hold on, what? Whats this post about?

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I have no Idea...

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