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So! Hey. January Update.


What happened in the month since the last update? Stuff. Still more behind the scenes stuff, which actually brings me to something kind of important for a change rather than just goofy update fluff like there has been basically since October.

So you may have noticed that recently, I put up a two-part feature here on Moddb called "The History of TFH". If you haven't read these features yet, please do (part 1, part 2) - each one has tons of video so you can look at all the old embarrassing demos (and believe me, I am not proud of some of the older content related to this game). While the first feature (Part 1) was initially done to scare up some support for Moddb Awards nominations (thanks to all who voted, even if I did not end up with the finalists), it presented an opportunity for me to segue in to something I've been meaning to do for a while now:

TFH Focus Survey!

Basically, for the health of this project, there are certain things I need to know going forward. This survey right here should give me the answers I need. The questions are fairly simple: How long have you known of the project, what of it have you played, what is important to you in a Sonic game, things like that. Your answers to these questions will help me to better understand what people expect from it and with help me figure out key hurdles I am currently facing. Even if this is your first time reading anything related to the TFH project, it would be kind of cool if you could take this survey. All I ask is that you answer each question thoughtfully and truthfully - there's no rushing here, no race. You will not be graded.

Depending on the answers I get, there may be another survey later on, simply because for a free account, Survey Monkey limits you to ten questions per-survey. I am also on the fence with regards to publishing the survey results publicly, so if you think that would be interesting to see, sound off in the comments.

That's basically it! Check out The History of TFH, Take the Survey, and I'll see you guys soon.

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Good idea. Just to be warned mine has a spelling error that I didn't catch in time. But I think you can figure it out. ;)

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