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We decided to let people know more about our game N.E.R.D.

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What is N.E.R.D. ?

N.E.R.D. Is an (almost) completely procedural roguelike rpg, not by chance N.E.R.D. Is an acronym for Never Ending Random Dungeon. You will play just like a Kid who accidentally (we will spoil some more info later in the updates) finds himself trapped in the game he was developing, the world that unfolds in front of his eyes is a typical and someway ironical representation of a medieval fantasy setting. Your main quest and objective throughout the game will be to set yourself free by beating the game itself. To do this you will need to crawl trough levels such as caves, crypts, temples, castles and haunted forests filled with all kinds of creatures that live in the lands of N.E.R.D. To help you in this mission there are huge amounts of items spread throughout the dungeons such as armors, weapons, spells and other helpful gadgets.

Quest system:

The game unfolds through ten mini-quests, one for each dungeon and you have to complete them in order to get to the end. These quests are chain-linked to each other in a logical manner, but are not set in stone. This means that every single combination of tasks and dungeons in which the quest is picked out from a pool of various missions when you enter the game, ensuring that your adventure will be completely different every playthrough.

Combat system:

First things first: in this game there are no typical rpg statistics or attributes like strength, wisdom, agility, etc. instead the whole combat system revolves around your offensive item stats for attack values and clothes or armor stats for defense values. The system does not make use of algorithms to generate damage but uses the values directly. To explain things better: there are six global attributes that armors and/or weapons can have, these attributes are Slash, Thrust and Blunt for the melee compartment and Spirit, Earth and Cosmos for the magical one. When your character attacks an enemy your weapon will subtract an amount of points based on its stats from the enemy's defensive attributes, when one of these values reach 0 you will break his defenses and expose his health points so you can crush him to death. As you can imagine this system forces the players to engage combat in a tactical way, exploiting weaknesses is the key to victory, and remember, don't be ashamed of running for your life if the situation turns for the worst!

Procedural and random content generation:

We make use of procedural generation to get as much variety a possible in the game. As we mentioned before the questline will be procedurally generated as well as dungeons layouts, but this does not end here. Talking about items (spells are included :P), not only the statistics are different for every piece of equipment, but the aesthetics are, too! Every item in the game is built by combining two or three different components that contribute to creating its unique features and appearance, and you will even be able to detach these components and re-combine them according to your personal tastes.

Also we want to let you know that we are going to release our new website, for a preview follow this link: www.huba-games.com

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