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The first major update for our game, Somerholm, is out now!

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This is update 1.1.0 and we have added/changed some pretty large things since launch.

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Several New Shop Items

To kick things off for our first major update, we have expanded the in-game shop with four new items to purchase. These items range from cosmetic additions for the dog, to new modes of travel, to upgrades for the fishing mini-game. We hope these new additions add some extra variety to exploring the isles.

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Added Anomalies

Speaking of more variety, we have also added several anomalies that can be randomly found when exploring. These anomalies will spawn roughly around points of interest or animals and can have a variety of different effects when approached. In addition, these anomalies will become more persistent the further the story has progressed, just like some already existing secrets.

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Expanded Fishing Mini-Game

We have also added to and changed some aspects about the fishing mini-game in this update. It still is pretty bare-bones in terms of how it is played, but there are now different types of fish that can be caught, and each type of fish has different requirements depending on the current season/weather. Along with the previously mentioned new shop upgrades with a larger tackle box for more bait, and an upgraded fishing pole for easier catching and quicker hook times.

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Reworked Exploration

A pretty large change we are bringing into this update is to make exploring the islands a little more involved. The map has had a reworking, a few smaller aspects about its design have been changed, but it also now comes in two different sizes that can be switched between rather than magically zooming in/out. The compass also now only shows POI when they are relatively close, but after being discovered they will remain on the compass from further away.

The big offset to the compass being effectively nerfed is the addition of a new meter to the right hand side of the compass. If you have ever played Far Cry 2 before, you may remember hunting down blood diamonds with a meter that flashed the closer you got to them and stayed on if looking directly at them. This new meter works in a similar way, but only stays on when looking vaguely at a POI.

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A new other noteworthy things to wrap this update up: we have added five new POI to find while exploring, added new physical markers to the main menu to display story progression, and have touched up on a few smaller corrupted/magical island variation components.

We would like to thank everyone for our launch a little over a month ago and hope you all have a great day!

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