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The next devlog for out upcoming game, Somerholm is out now!

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This one is more of a technical update than anything else, but we still had some additions and changes to show off!

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Previously Visited Islands Are Now Tracked

To kick things off this time, all islands that the player visits are now tracked. When a player re-visits an old island the map information, POI, and animal discoveries will be automatically filled out for them. This does not apply to custom created islands, but we thought it would be a neat mechanic and helps encourage people to visit new islands instead of farming old ones for money or stat improvements.

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Added Achievements

Coming up on release there are a few key things we needed to include and achievements were one of them. There are a total of 20 to be had and they can all be tracked in the journal.

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Added Key Rebinding

Another pretty necessary feature to include before release would be key rebinding. With the last update we nailed down controller input, and with this one you can now rebind (most), keyboard and gamepad interactions.

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Added Steam API Support

The last pretty small technical addition we made with this update was adding support for Steam API, so things like achievements would actually trigger when playing on Steam. Not much else to say here though.

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Last but not least we have the miscellaneous category, and to start it off we redesigned the shop. It can now only be accessed from the main menu, and is themed after some on-flight shopping catalogues. We also added another purchasable item with changing how custom islands work: the ability to use them now must be purchased and additional settings for them can be bought. We also included in this update the plane that the player uses to get from one island to the next. The main menu has been altered a bit to make use of this new plane model, new audio is included when loading into an island, and the plane can be seen overhead flying away after it drops off the player.

Thank you all once again (for the hundredth time) for the support, and we can't wait for launch!

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