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We are happy to announce an update update, 0.8.0, for our upcoming game Somerholm!

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We have been working on our next game for a bit, and while we don't have a new playable version, we do have an announcement for some features we have been working on!

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We know that any news could have come a bit sooner, we've just been busy. In any case we hope you enjoy what we have to show off today.

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Added A New Journal System
To start things off for this update we added a new journal system. This journal will incorporate the map, island info, and photos onto the same screen, as well as include the new stats menu. The map is now a bit smaller, but has 3 levels of distance and includes icons for discovered locations. The island info is also changed a bit, now showing a brief description for each of the island modifiers instead of just the raw info. Finally the new stats menu includes a breakdown of various player stats as well as a brief progress stat for each (we will show off more of the progress system in a later update).

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Added Sleeping Bags
In addition to the journal, we also added sleeping bags that can be found at random points of interest. The player can use these sleeping bags to pass time and possibly change the weather on the island.

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Added More Camera Options
What would a photography game be without a few more camera options? In addition to what we already have for the player to mess around with, we have also included options for: camera tilt, chromatic aberration, fisheye, and hue shift.

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Expanded Dog AI
For the last major bit of update news that we have, we expanded the AI for Teo a bit. He now supports different action states for a greater variety of "dog-like" actions. For now we simply added the ability for him to become tired and lay down to rest, as well as the ability for him to become tired of constant petting and become annoyed with the player.

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As always we appreciate the support from you guys and look forward to sharing more with you about our game! Thank you and have a great day.

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