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Hi, my name is Antonio, I'm from Croatia. I like making games and I'm proud of this one.

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So yeah I started making this game on 8th June 2013 (I think???).
It all started from a dream I had one night, it gave me the needed inspiration and idea so the developing started and it was going really fast. I decided to make it in two parts so I could cut my work in two pieces and it may be interesting for others to wait for part two.
When I started I was still a beginner and didn't know what I am doing (that's why part 1 is a little lame).
When I released part 1 and started making part 2 I wasn't a beginner anymore and I started to know what I'm doing so part two will be much better.
The game, I mean part 1, was released well i don't really know :D I think it was 25th June...

As you all know, part 2 is coming out as soon as it will be done and ready, I can guarantee you that it's better in every way. (I will upload some pics maybe)

And I don't know what to say anymore...
Happy playing to all of you!

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