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A few sprites created by Paul Helman for our game, "The Great Gaias". I don't know about you but Golbez, Sephiroth, Kefka, Grahf, and Magus might have met their match in Eldromus Blackheart.

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In this update we would like to talk about "Skills"

Inspired by games like Ultima Online and the Elder Scrolls series, which incorporated an extensive skill system, we grew fond of the raise-by-use mechanic. We plan to have multiple skills, based on the party members you choose to utilize, that will aid the player in completing quests and other in-game goals. Picking locked doors and chests to uncover hidden items, and mining ore for crafting are but a few of the abilities a player can have at their disposal. Tracking monsters will be helpful in completing the vast bestiary, and will also be a skill that can be honed, and even used to unlock content and hidden side-quests. In other titles, many people found that mini-games for skills had become annoying and unexciting once done a number of times. With enough funding, we plan on crafting a dynamic mini- game system that will complement the skill gain. These mini-games would only need to be solved when tackling a newly discovered typology, such as a lock or vein of ore that the character had never come across before, thus solving the problem of these types of mechanics becoming repetitive and tedious.

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