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Two days remaining for Copycat release and I would like to share some information about it, about myself and etc.

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Hello people, Copycat is my first game. I've made it in something like a two-three weeks of time, so it happened way too fast than I've expected. And way too unpolished than I've wanted it to be, BUT as I've said it is my first game and I was super excited for it to be in finished state.

I hope you enjoy Copycat, it was a blast to make it. I think I've spent two-three days just for main menu, since this was my first time "Unity" engine game-making and I really had no idea about coding, creating boxes out of nowhere and all that kinds of stuff!

To talk about it's origin, Copycat was originally a school project of mine (( object-oriented programming )) but I thought why not share it here too. I took "many" parts off Insert Title Here so if you get any ideas know that I am aware of this situation and game is built up on it. Even the title is!

To continue, there is one big important thing in Copycat. You must not enter places that you're not eligible. If you ever enter somewhere and fail, game will close itself or you're forced to quit the game. BUT, if you want to check out those places, feel free to do so.

Nowadays, I'm working on another game which I'm not going spoil in here BUT it really is going to be much more polished, have a story which will be directly linked with the game and have longer gameplay time. Gameplay wise, it is going to be same as Copycat, point and... going through doors! But I believe it really is going to be much more enjoyable and I am again super excited to show it to everyone.

Thank you for being on this page, reading these. I wish you all a good day!

Trinitylynne98 - - 124 comments

Great game, and I would love to see a longer and more polished version :D

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