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Hopefully coming in February 2023 - but not part of NextFest sadly.

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Okay, it's my own fault - I was planning to enter the demo for Captain Disaster and the Two Worlds of Riskara into Steam's NextFest, and I completely failed to notice when the application deadline was, so I missed it. I mean, Disaster by name, Disaster by nature, right? It's nowhere near as bas as accidentally launching the Kickstarter for The Corruption Within a week early... but I digress.

Despite not being part of NextFest, we do plan to release the playable demo in February 2023, or (if certain things go badly) in March 2023 instead. So you shouldn't have to wait long to see the dear captain in action again!

For workflow and consistency reasons we have decided to leave voice acting and Steam achievements out of the demo. Since it's the early part of the game the puzzles will be fairly gentle, with the real challenges lying ahead in the main game. More news soon!

And now, what nobody asked for but I'm going to give you anyway... a couple of screenshots of in-progress development!

Below - working on a room in the game - location titles redacted!

One of the locations in the demo - spoilery bits redacted!

An early location with a veritable plethora of hotspots to click on.

Hotspots aplenty!!

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