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Optimizing Sheep(from PC to iOS) and status progress update.

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I have been adding sheep to Dragons High.

I began by adding 10 sheep to the PC build of Dragons High.
But then I thought "What if?" What if I would add a lot more sheep and see how it works?
Well here is the result of this experimentation:

As you can see, the PC can handle quite a lot of sheep and this is unoptimized code.

In order to have decent amount of sheep on iOS\Android I had to optimize the code.
I did optimize the code quiet a lot and the result was decent with a 100 sheep on my iPad 3 on retina resolution.
That is enough for now but there are more optimizations I intend to do in the future.

Apart from that I have added particles on iOS for the fire ball\projectiles.

Well that is the update, here are two screenshots of the latest iOS build:

WIP screenshot 1 iOS

WIP Screershoot 2 iOS


sheep tend to flock so might be interesting to add some sort of grouping to make them seem less focused on running towards walls.

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PompiPompi Author

Currently there is only the flea behavior implemented.
I do intend to add more of a group behavior.
Maybe I should make a new video after I have implemented it.

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