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Development has ceased, truthfully, long ago. .

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So mates, i have bad news that you mightve been guessing for a couple of years by now. The development of the mod has ceased and has been so for quite a while. I myself left it behind pretty soon after moving onto Khamukkamu's SWC restart, while at that point the intention was to come back and use that mod as a base for TAS. This just never happened. Over time i started shifting more and more to SWC, while SernisThausten stayed behind as lead dev of TAS, and continued to work on the mod quite actively for some time, a big reason why this post hasnt been done before. Eventually it has come to the point where none of us really even wanted to go back.

WillTheFirst - - 124 comments

That's okay - thank you for your effort so far!

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Perriry - - 185 comments

The mod developing should be something fun for you, otherwise there's no point developing it.
Thank you for all your work and I hope to see some new projects from you!

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Thorvaldo - - 690 comments

Yeah, you surely ceased all development on this mod because you are focusing all your dark modding skills trying to make Twilek models with real booty phisycs on bannerlord :P Wish you luck tho

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Eärendil_Ardamírë - - 1,868 comments

That was for science reasons :P

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DarthMongolTheUnwise Author
DarthMongolTheUnwise - - 1,499 comments

Actually no, ive switched permanently for SWC, for the foreseeable future. The lead dev there, Khamukkamu is in need of modelers and other staff.

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Eärendil_Ardamírë - - 1,868 comments

A pity but at least SWC is going on.

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Argeomer - - 5,578 comments

I feel a distrbance in the force....
But well, we all understand and like people said here, you only do it if it's still fun.
Im thankful for the work the team has done on this mod. And i wish good fortunes in the next stages of life to come. Big hug from my part to both :)

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DarthMongolTheUnwise Author
DarthMongolTheUnwise - - 1,499 comments

Ah frick this wasnt supposed to go public yet

ModDb, why you do this? You give the option to save for members of group only and then ignore that option

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OldFashioned - - 29 comments

Ah well, I had fun with what was there. Let's see how swc turns out then, eh?

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JD37 - - 23 comments

I had a lot of fun, it is a shame the mod is closing. Still, I hope the development in your new project succeeds.

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