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Shorter tutorial, nerfed ranged, and a few difficulty Tweaks.

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Small Update v1.41

A few small tweaks to even out the game for the holidays.

The Level 1 difficulty has just been made a touch harder. With a better tutorial, people understand the game better and I felt the Level 1 was much easier than intended. So, I've removed the starting key and one starting Gem. It may be too easy still, but it should be closer.

Ranged characters get a bit more nerfing. There range has been cut down by about 25%. But should make them more balanced compared to others.

Most of this fix those is focused on the tutorial. It's long. So I cut it down by about 30%. Two sections were merged to make it more streamlined. Plus two of the later sections were completely removed. I believe the tutorial is now shorter, but still very effective. And will hopefully be less off putting to new players.

Let's Play & Review

Let's Play nekobun: Youtube.com

Review Gamephasis: Gamephasis.com

Let's Play (German) Evil Grin: Youtube.com

As always, all questions, suggestions, and feedback are welcome.



P.S. Oh yeah, and the game is on sale for the Steam Winter Sale. Save 20% on Four Realms right now!

Combined tutorials 1a and 1c.
Removed tutorials 2 and 3.
Changed Follow or Lead to Team or Solo.
Ranged attacks ranges decreased.
Ranged attack aims fixed.
Level 1 Difficulty has one less gem and no starting key.

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