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Early bug fixes and optimizations based on first round of Early Access Feedback.

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NOTE: You will get some missing text unless you start a new game. Sorry, it was a big change to the HUD stuff.


One user reported various menu bugs. While I was unable to repro most of them, I made fixes that should (or may) fix some of the issues. Exiting map menus will now always work on ESC. The cursor should not disappear. You may still get stuck on the Spell Menu, but fixes were made around this issue.

Additionally a few screen resolution bugs on the map screen have been addressed.


The rain effect was previously one large texture, this created serious runtime lag. It is now generated with a tilemap and should improve performance when playing in the rain.

Generated levels feature rooms with excessive climbables (plants, grates). Having so many objects created runtime issues, these issues were made worse by when multiple rooms with them were put together. Rooms now have less climbables (objects).

The Info board was still lagging the game up. It has undergone extensive optimization. It now features Sprite fonts instead of text objects. They aren't as pretty, but are far more efficient. I will try to pretty them up later, but it'll be tough to do much. And there is no Kerning adjustments for Sprite Fonts.

Additionally, resistance, weakness, and damage type were turned to icons. Object titles and info were put into seperate databases for faster loading.

In short, the Info Board should work much better!


There are some ongoing issues. If you have these issue please feel free to share details of how you got to them so I may have more information fixing them.

Stuck unable to exit the Spell List Menu.

Game lags, possibly from particles, then crashes. Only one report so far. If you have this issue let me know.

Direct X (DLL) lag. Some users are having issues with the game running slow, it this is likely caused by Direct X DLL issues with Construct 2. If you have this issue and want to help me look for solutions let me know. To check if you have this issue, run the tutorial level. The game will run constantly at a low FPS. If the tutorial runs fine and you have lag elsewhere, this is likely a bug, please report it.

Update v0.2.28

*Fix for map screen resolution bugs.
*Fix for exiting large menus on map.
*Probable fix for disappearing cursor.
*Unlikely fix for Spell Menu not returning.
*New rain effect.
*Removed excess climbables from Level Generator Rooms.
*Massive update on HUD and info bar.

All questions, suggestions, and feedback welcome.


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NOTE: You will get some missing text unless you start a new game. Sorry, it was a big change to the HUD stuff.

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