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Post news RSS Small patch update, ticket controllers, player emergency rescue system and new game reset system.

The Coin Game is a fun ticket arcade that is run by goofy robots on an little island full of things to do. The arcades include highly detailed machines with realistic physics that were inspired by modern arcade machines.

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Small patch update, ticket controllers, player emergency rescue system and new game reset system.


Update #005
Version: V0.942

DESCRIP: Mainly just fixing some bugs with this update and getting ready for the next content update.

- Changed the way all the machines count the tickets to stop the rolling of bonuses to the next game. It was fun while it lasted! haha. I'll be testing a few more things before resetting the leaderboards.

- Added a new player rescue system that will keep track of the players last location and will teleport you if you get into trouble and need to be reset. This should help with getting stuck below the map. It basically will always be checking if there is good ground below you and if you are still inside a building.

- Fixed the lotto tickets that were showing your last winning amount on the screen even when you lost. Now it will show and encouraging comment to propel you into victory. Or something like that.

- Fixed an issue were your saved game would not show up without resetting the game. The saved game menus will now refresh when you save a game. That way it is there if you want to just save and restart were you were.

- Fixed the loud noises when resetting the game. There was a camera turning off and causing that. When there is no audio listener on an active camera it will just play all the sounds at once. Got it handled though. Move along... nothing to see here. Never happened.

- Fixed the loading of the golf cart on a uneven surface. Camera will now set it self up properly according the golf cart and not the ground angle. OOps.

- Fixed the Free Cam loading angle. It will not point toward the sky when you click C Key anymore.

- Golf cart now resets to the home house garage. It will be towed to the driveway for no charge in Birthday mode.

- Fixed the female Cheesy poof package disappearing when eating.

- Fixed the Free Cam Mode not going back into the bus if you were riding it.

Thanks for supporting The Coin Game and Ill see you in the next one.


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