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The First Slip Soldiers News post on ModDB, A small introduction and some content. Please Enjoy.

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I have been waiting to actually do this for a while. I wanted to put out more content before I did. But seeing as I'll be leaving around two months from now. I have to push out all sorts of content as fast as I can. So till those two months are up (two months being my deadline) updates and content should be fairly quick and constant. So let me start off by Stating what the mod is all about.

Slip Soldiers is a mod based off of Quake 1, the ideas that iv come up with all generally originated from the game. But Slip Soldier's game play will wander far far away from vanilla Quake. Being made on the Darkplaces engine the limits of a regular quake mod has been expanded tremendously, using the Darkplaces engine ill be able to have visuals you would normally never see in any Quake mod. Not only that the engine expands upon the coding abilities thats normally allowed. With the implementation of CSQC things like a custom heads up display is no longer something players will have to deal with out.

My ideas for the mod , is to bring a little more realism to quake while still keeping game play as fun as possible. Things like how the player moves and interacts with objects already have been changed. Weapons will do more realistic damage also helping this is proportional damage. Players will see the damage they inflict on their opponent displayed directly on their bodies. Another change is something seen in a lot of games or mods and that is classes. Each class will play a role and hopefully be balanced in such a way to promote teamplay. Another factor that im hoping to implement which also will help promote teamplay is players kills will no longer be displayed, instead each team will have a shared amount of lives, when your team runs out of lives, your team looses. There are going to be a large amount of changes to the game, you can see a list on the mods website.

Anyways I'll end this with my two latest models, I've been taking the mod in a slightly different visual theme than what i started with. Hope you guys like these.


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Nice to see a new project announced, looks interesting!
best of luck.

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