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This week's post is about level design and some updates.

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This week we started working on the level design for our game, wich will have an interesting ideia behind it. We used a storytelling tension graph to layout the level's max and minimum height, wich gave us an ideia of how the level would be. We chose to do this because the main mechanic consists of vertical movement.

With this, the progression of the level was about designed, but there was a little problem. For a game that requires exploration, the level was too linear. So we needed to give the player a reason to explore the map, so that the level had a reason to be more open and explorable. The idea was to make the player search for the umbrella before using it to progress though the rest of the level.

In terms of programming, we finnaly have everything we need to start exploring level design options and refining the mechanincs.

For the art, we have some new sketches:

Mockup Edifice Possible Flying Enemies

Suspended PlatformGround Obstacles

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