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Here is an update on SkyHawks. The name of the game has been content, content, content. The mechanics are starting to come together, the below details a major art push.

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It has been a while since our last update. A lot of the gameplay works as intended. So I have decided to focus on the art. Since the fall, my team has decided to pursue other opportunities. What that means is I'm rolling solo again. I am now the project manager, game designer, coder, artist, and assistant snack getter. (My cat is still the head snack getter, though he doesn't really do a good job of that.) The game is far from feature complete, but In January I reached an odd plateau. The game was far enough along that I could focus on the art. Luckily, before my team left, they actually did some of the 3d artwork. Although I graduated from an Art Institute School, I wouldn't say that art is my strong suit. In fact, I attended the school to get the 'And Design' portion of my degree. Regardless that was 2009.

In order to get back into texturing, I decided to start with the railgun model i did a few year's back. According to the game design document, the Railgun Boss is the main antagonist of the Korean war mission. I finished texturing the model, but I wasn't happy with the results. Since words are boring, here's some photos.

The Tank Enemy:

This is one of the first tanks in the game. It fires a single bullet at the player. It's rotational turret allows it to shoot at any point on a 360 degree angle. Here's a work in progress. This weekend I spent time taking the tank from concept (Done by artist John Garcia) to a textured 3d model. I like the idea of making the game's enemies cell shaded. The art style is easy for me to do, and it looks pretty good. (I think)

The Formidable Tank in before unity3d Input

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