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Post news RSS Skelittle : A Giant Party !! is now available on Steam and Nintendo Switch !!

The Party Game that lets you play as a tiny figure in a huge human world has been released yesterday ! Playable from 1 to 4 persons, you can play up to 15 minigames with your friends and family as well as building your very own tiny game sessions with an original sandbox mode !

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We bring people closer so that they can argue stronger when they're done with our game, that's what a party game is about, right ? To maximize the fun, we've put Skelittle on Steam store as well as the Nintendo Eshop !

It's been a while since our last article, but we made it ! Skelittle : A Giant Party !! now features...

  • 15 Mini Games to play as a tiny figure exploring a human sized house
  • Up to 50 items to use in the Sandbox mode that lets you make your own tiny games
  • A crazy funk soundtrack
  • A Solo mode as well as a multiplayer one from 1 to 4 people
  • A very big corgi
  • You ?

We reworked the mini games and sandbox hub a lot, thanks to the lot of feedback we've received, so thanks everyone that took part in this adventure !

Is it really over though ? In the future we would LOVE to translate Skelittle : A Giant Party !! in Chinese and Spanish so we could reach a lot more people ! If the game is a bit successful, then maybe some DLCs would even show up, WHO KNOWS ? I don't ! Not yet !

This has been quite an adventure, we all learnt a lot, and we really can't wait to let you know more about Skelittle's future as well as our next projects, but that will be for another time ;)

Until then, good luck with your GameDev and take care everyone !!

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