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This seems to be becoming a trend amongst my mods, a patch very soon after release..

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In a few weeks I have decided that I'll create a patch for this, not only to correct a few highly minor bugs but an attempt to add further emphasis to the story in the form of audio logs and voice acting, as well as a possible new level. Overall, I feel that since the staggered release of the mod I have received overall very good feedback, but I can still do better. I'd hoped for a higher status already, but, eh, it'll happen eventually I'll wager.

Alongside this, make sure to check out the sequel: Chapter One at : Moddb.com
I will also be making a very short custom story in the form of a puzzle map (No scary parts) to improve my skills with puzzles as I felt they were lackluster in Eternium, and I really need to improve upon them.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

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