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A description of some of the choices of development in the single-player campaign.

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Hello everyone!

After releasing the Local Multiplayer PvP build I've decided that it's time to delve into the singleplayer experience development. The PvP build is stable and good enough to stand alone for some time, though I'll keep updating it now and then.

The single player will be a Metroidvania. The world will consist of many interconnected rooms. Within, enemies, doors & keys, puzzles, platforming action and a story to tie it all together. The camera will have it's restrictions. Some rooms will feature static camera while others won't and will be bigger than the current view. I'm doing a lot of tests to find out interesting and challenging mechanics though I'll mostly keep it simple, focused and achievable. Regarding art, similarly, I'll try to keep it simple but at the same time doing my best to make it look as cool and as fun as I can. As soon as there is something polished enough I'll release a Demo.

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Runner 2016 06 25 16 52 22 71



Classic goomba like enemy.

Runner 2016 06 25 16 5211 22 71

I'm trying out some behaviors in order to add flavor to this simple enemy.

Runner 2016 06 27 131 29 03 26


Any Metroidvania must have this! The wall-grabber.

Runner 2016 06111 25 16 52 22 71


Chasers, but only within certain range.

Runner 2016 06ss 27 13 27 55 82


Static hovering shooters. You might remember this ones from Argoth.

Runner 2016 06 27 14 20 55 54


Flying enemy with sine trajectory. Another Metroidvania classic.

Runnesssr 2016 06 27 13 25 58 05

ICHNICERO - - 622 comments

I truly love the aesthetics of the game!!! Highly detailed pixel art is truly an amazing thing!!! Looking forward to seeing more of this title!

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Shurita Author
Shurita - - 11 comments

Thanks man! many many new content is on its way here. A lot of time working on only systems and now is the time for some sweet content.

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ICHNICERO - - 622 comments

Great to hear that! =) Keep it coming!!!

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