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Ideas for Single-player modes as well as a possible Multiplayer option.

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So, as the game progresses in development, I've started to think of new ways to spice things up. The original idea was to make this game single-player, in which the Player is the father David, looking for his son, Colin, and there would be a creature of some sort that you must avoid encountering while retrieving your son. The creature would have path finding features and the ability to locate the son before you if you took too long, thus a game over. Each time you play the game would place you, and the creature, far apart from each other on the map, but in a random place each time, allowing for endless, randomized gameplay. The son would also be placed randomly on the map for you to find.

The other single-player idea was to have it be story driven in which you must still avoid the creature, but there would be no risk of the creature finding the son before, because the story would eventually end with you finding your son. This type of game would involve puzzle solving, along with cutscenes and a storyline.

Give me feedback on which single-player option would be more enjoyable for y'all to play.

Lastly, the idea to implement a Multiplayer option. It would be the exact same as the original single-player option, but with someone playing as the creature instead of it being just a computer enemy.

So let me know in the comments which idea prefer for Single-player, and whether or not I should include a multiplayer option.

Khristallyn - - 8 comments

The first option would add more as far as replayablity goes I guess, but I'm personally more fond of games like the second option.

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