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Post news RSS Simpocalypse Demo to be showcased at Steam Festival (Testers needed!)

We are polishing the game to enter our first Steam Festival with Simpocalypse. Join us and test the game before we officially release it!

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Hi everyone,

here we are… expanding and polishing our civilization simulator DEMO for the very first Steam Festival release – starting October 7th!

SP at Steam festival

Here's a sneak-peek into game development behind the scenes :) …while working on different parts of the game, we've also been polishing the Region map, adding animations like 'fog of war' effect and others…

regions to battle gif

Our plans are big for this game. We'll be updating other important parts of the game before the launch at Steam Festival:
- The Economy part is still basic (we'll improve the guidance, UI/UX, update the graphics, hopefully manage to expand the feature further)
- Adding animations to combat/battles, regions map, transitions, …
- Preparing the game for translations/localization
- Making Research tree clearer to the player
- MAP UI/UX adjustments
- Game Event (earthquakes, riots, fires,…) – giving them better meaning, showing it a bit differently
- Adjusting the game for different screens,…

A bit further plan:
- Adding Prestige mechanics
- Improved & reworked Notifications
- Advancements
- Adding a Stat page
- Achievements & Challenges
- Different Game Modes
- …

A few screens from the game:

Combat - battles 

Massive Research Tree 

Resources - gather food, water, energy, wood, other resources to survive and expand the settlement

To those that haven't heard of Simpocalypse before:


Leave your feedback on the game, get links to playtest the game and stay updated (& chat with us):

Official Simpocalypse discord server_channel

Join us on Steam/ Follow/ Wishlist:

More about the game's development:

Official site – subscribe to get notified on the Beta/ Demo/Full game Release (we don't spam!):
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