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The revolutionary user interface to play with has been released in game. You gonna love it!

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Polycorne has developed the user interface promised at the beginning of Silicon City! After a year of design and development, the Silicon City UI finally reveals its face.

Made for all types of resolutions, the UI is scalable and modular. It allows you to display, close or minimize information windows of your city. More room to play, more room to rule!

One year of development?

From sketch to functional interface

Building a quality user interface is a process that requires maturation for a development studio. This update is by far the most significant improvement we've made to Silicon City for the small Polycorne team! Almost twelve months ago, our lead UX designer Léa Medrano started the first drafts of this interface. Today we are proud of the colors given to the game and of this integration, along with the updates made since.

  • We have sought to provide players with a game experience that:
  • Takes up less space than before to provide a better view of the city.
  • Is adjustable to all resolutions and screen sizes.
  • Allows the player to display the data that is relevant to them
  • Open Silicon City to future mods and offer more and more features

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Jaz Lyn has understood us well. They won't be disappointed!

So why is this so important?

"Understanding precedes action."
- Richard Saul Wurman

TED Talk creator and Aiga Gold Medalist (the most prestigious award in communication and design): Wurman confirms with his words that our decisions are made on our ability to understand the information around us.

Silicon City is a management game where information is the key to optimal urbanization. By mastering it, you are able to make decisions to manage your city... Or to simply keep an eye on how your population is doing.

Available now on Steam!

This update is available for download if you have already purchased Silicon City. But if you're still wondering what all these features are, take a look at this list:


  • The whole interface is scalable! That means that all tools are usable, with small or large resolution. From 800x600 to 4K, with all ratios from 4:3 to 21:9
  • The windows are movable to be able to monitor all neighborhoods and numbers at the same time.
    Minimize certain windows to organize your screen, or pin them so you never miss a move of your citizens
  • The menu has been reorganized into convenient categories to bring all the game's tools together in a few lines. What a space saver, with even more information on the screen.

What did our testers think?

Our beta testers gave us their feedback on this update, here's what they said:

We can see the inspiration of the excellent Open TTD but this time it's on a real city builder! The best of the best for a management game."

I like that it's much more spacious."

Most of the streamers who shared their experience of Silicon City warned us, we listened well. From now on, the bottom left corner of the screen is free of everything so we can see them playing the game with ease.

We embrace GamerZak who was one of the first to stream about Silicon City and to point out the importance of the user interface. He announced Silicon City as the winner of the most anticipated city builders of 2022! Come and vote for Silicon City and discover his blog here

gamer zack

Add Silicon City to your wishlist!

To make sure you don't miss the next major milestones in the development of Silicon City, you can already add the game to your wishlist on Steam! Thanks for your support, it also helps the game to be well referenced.

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The next step of the user interface

We still have many surprises in our to-do list, we are already preparing the following improvements for you in the next updates:

  • Adjustable windows
  • Saving an interface configuration.
  • New trackers to follow the movements of citizens.
  • Detailed information about the life of citizens.
  • Even more analysis and decision screens to better manage your city.

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