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If you don't keep up with the news on the Undertow Games forums, you will learn today that development on HL:RC has long ceased.
I want to thank everybody for giving their support to the development of Half-Life: Resonance Cascade, you made this mod flourish beyond what I had envisioned and made it rise as probably one of the best total conversion mods for SCP: Containment Breach. I could have never had the motivation to keep going if it were not for you guys, as cliché as that sounds. You, my friends, are the real freemen.

With that out of the way, on to the sad stuff. I am no longer sure about the future of Half-Life: Resonance Cascade. This mod's had a good run, but with all the new content being added to SCP:CB comes a lack of ideas. Take SCP-178 for instance, portrayed in the mod as a pair of defective virtual reality goggles. That seems pretty unoriginal, yes, and that's because there is nothing like that within the Half-Life lore/universe. That's why it's so boring and insignificant, I was running out ideas. We were running out of ideas.

And with the newest update to SCP:CB, introducing SCP-205 and SCP-966, this marks the point where we.. I just don't know anymore.

So effectively, I am saying that HL:RC's development is most likely over. We had a good run, and I want to say thanks to everyone, all of you are the best, better than me perhaps. I'll be moving on to other projects now, so thanks again for staying with us on this hell of a ride. I love you.

But it's not all lost, plans are being made by some fans to revive this mod by themselves. Go over and motivate them!


As for me, I'm moving on the other projects. Half-Life: Resonance Cascade was the starting point of my career, and will be succeeded by my future projects.

Thanks again, I love you all.

~Chandler Hummingbird

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