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We're happy to present our first video of gameplay today and to share with you some information about the game. Read/watch on friends!

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What is "High Moon"?

High Moon is a sci-fi/western turn-based duelling game for mobile devices. Pit your wits against your friends or a ruthless AI opponent and turn the power of the elements to your advantage.

Who is developing High Moon?

Quantum Cohort is a team of 2 developers, James and Stephen , who work tirelessly to create something worthwhile and fun.

Who is doing the music?

Glebe Avenue Music. A studio based in Ottawa, Ontario. They have years of high profile work under their belts, so we're excited to have them on board for High Moon.

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What's the back story?

High Moon takes place in a town/area called "The Forgotten West". A place of complete lawlessness, a shanty town where corruption settles in for the long night and filthy miscreants bubble up from the cracks of social unrest.

It is here where the Elementalists, magical beings from another dimension, have chosen to sire new apprentices!

You play as your choice of apprentice. The Elementalists pit their underlings against one another in a cruel blood sport every full moon when their powers are strongest.
Players will not only duel other cowboys but beings from other dimensions and the "Darkness".
More of the story will be revealed over time.

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What's gameplay like?

Gameplay is turn based. On a player's turn they may use one of 6 core elements (fire, earth, ice, water, air, lightning) offensively or defensively. Each element has unique characteristics that allow for a variety of different strategies and situations.

Each duel is to the death, and you must use the powers of each element carefully, once they are cast, you must wait until the next round before you can use them again. Some elements heal, some steal, and others might have unintended consequences...

The game features a hot-seat duel mode for playing with a friend on a single device, as well as duels against an AI (he'll keep you on your toes, don't worry!) as well as a series of challenges to test your skills. These challenges will be ranked out of 3 stars depending on how well you do. Challenges may be things like fighting a demon who has only fire attacks and you only have lightning and earth to use.

Good luck, you're going to need it!

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What about Online Multiplayer?

It's certainly something we'd like to do, especially if the player interest is there. Currently we're focusing on making the local device experience as enjoyable and as complete as possible.

What platforms will it be available on?

iOS/Android at launch. We will consider Windows/Mac/Linux/Ouya versions depending on player interest.

When will the game be released?

Hopefully in Q1 2014. It is a labor of love and we want it to be of the utmost quality before it reaches your device.

What is the current production state of High Moon?

The game is currently completely playable on mobile with both 1 and 2 player modes working well. We're now focusing on fleshing out the experience with achievements, challenges and story segments

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Will there be a demo?

We are considering creating a Windows/Mac/Linux demo for early access backers and beta testers.

Will it be free?

No. It will be a paid app, no ads, no IAP, no nonsense.

Are you going to do a kickstarter?

Yep! And soon.

Who is the target audience for High Moon?

High Moon is meant for mobile users who often only have short bursts of time to play a fun, engaging game. Duels typically last anywhere from 3-6 minutes. We wanted to pack a whole lot of beautiful visuals, deep strategy, and quirky humor in so that when you're playing High Moon, your left satisfied even with only a few short minutes.

However, it still appeals to long play sessions. You'll be able to sit down and battle your way through challenges and against a clever AI for lengthier gaming sessions and have the game still feeling fresh.

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How do you plan to involve the community?

When we launch our kickstarter, that will be when we try to involve the community the most by running contests and getting player feedback on the current state of the game (possibly through a demo for backers).

We really want our supporters to feel like the game is theirs and that they had an integral role in not just the success of the game, but the creation of it. Many of the contests we will run and kickstarter backer rewards will revolve around creating content for the game.

How can we support the game before the Kickstarter?

Follow us on twitter: Twitter.com
Like/share us on facebook: Facebook.com
Follow the game on indieDB : Indiedb.com

We are always open to hearing from our fans so message us on any social network, or email us at quantumcohort@gmail.com . Don't be shy!

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