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Welcome to "Update #2"

Updates -

- Newsletter - I set up an Email Newsletter so you can receive updates on the game, the sort of emails you will be getting would be game updates, release dates etc. The newsletter helps to let people know about these things. Plus, email can be accessed from any device!

Sign up to the newsletter here: Adf.ly

- Changing Code To C# (W.I.P) - So the last two days I've been changing some of the scripts to C# because it seems to more popular when it comes to tutorials. One of the best things is that it is very similar to Unity-script so it doesn't take much to learn.

- New Spawn Room (W.I.P) - The first room was quite small and useless, so I opened up the building model & redone the building, adjusted walls, closed doors. There is now one big room with the gun shelf's that will display guns, grenades etc. (Just for show at the moment) Now there is actually a male model there that you can interact with, ask for "Ammo" "Help" using the new Unity 5 GUI!

- New UI | In the first room, there is a person there that you can collect "Ammo" off and ask for help etc. This is it so far. Quick picture (Buttons work apart from "Help")

- Improved Lighting | So this is just the first try, but I've tryed to make the lighting a bit better, make everything seem more "real."

- Both Targets Working | I've made the other target on the range usable now. At the moment, they both share the same score. It will be updated soon!

Images at bottom!!

Stuff Thats In The Works -

Timed Range (Nearly Complete) - The timed range is where you will have to shoot as many targets in a certain amount of time. The script still has some issues. The script currently only allows for one target. Thats why its pretty much not finished. So I have to add that in, once I done that, I will most likely release a demo!

Thanks for reading, don't forget to check my profile for new images, videos etc.

UI for the "Timed Range" Work in progress -


New UI with the edited first room -


Work In Progress Lighting -


First Room, Work in Progress -



Both Targets Working | Score Shared at the moment on both Monitors -

pic2 1

Pause Menu - Work In Progress -


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