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The Early Access of “She Will Punish Them” will be released at the end of April 2020. We are super excited to share some of the game’s key features with you.

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Get Ready to Bring Punishment to Hell

Greetings, Mortal Punishers!

The Early Access of “She Will Punish Them” will be released at the end of April 2020. We are super excited to share some of the game’s key features with you.

The bewitching Succubus

The appearance of our heroine, the Succubus, is customizable! The symbolic and demonic wings and horns, hairstyle, her tempting eyes...you name it. She uses her attractive flesh body to deceive her enemies, and everyone she can take advantage of!

Remember, don’t look into the eyes of a succubus for too long. Or you may become another enchanted servant of hers...

Ruthless, relentless and smart combat

Anyone that is in the Succubus’ way will taste her fury of vengeance! Pick your weapon wisely for different kinds of enemies. Cleave through your foes with swords, smash their shields into pieces with hammers, or rapidly attack with throwing axes or daggers. Dismember enemies’ bodies, crush their souls! The more blood splashed all over the screen, the better!

Immerse yourself in the gruesome underworld

The Succubus’ world is more wicked than you imagine! Embrace and enjoy the immersive environment filled with evil and terror. Fight your way through ghastly ruins of castle, or spooky echo in enormous tombs. See the blood, hear the screaming, FEEL the darkness!

Yep, we know you like looting

You can gradually enrich your inventory through reward-filled combats. Fight for exciting drops of weapons and items with different attributes. Experience unique mechanics and effects for each weapon. You can also pick up even more alluring clothes for our Succubus-- tops, armors, chokers and more!

Even the scariest devil needs a home

After each battle, the Succubus will return to her palace with triumph. We have already built her a throne to recover, a dressing table to alter her appearance, an armory for weapon purchasing, and a closet to shop clothes. Rested and reorganized, she will take on a harsher battle with full power!

In the future we will add:

Recruitment of battle companions
More game modes, such as defensive mode
More interactive parts in the palace, such as pool, sofa and luxurious bed
Weapon forging system

And more!

We hope these cool updates give you more excitement about our upcoming game, “She Will Punish Them.” We will come back next week for another update before release. Stay tuned!

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So I've looked at the body shape you all aced everything but the but cheeks. for one they need to be 2 millimeters wider in game (the hips do) second the cheeks themselves with the full nudity mod do not portray that she even has a butt at all hate going into detail like this but its the only way for you all to understand what I'm trying to say is either indent the butt crack on them or inflate they're cheeks. In Skyrim I use CBBE always which if you put it into perspective allot of women have CBBE bodies but never a woman where the the cheeks separate on they're own exposing the crack the way you all have it set up just go from Skyrim models because the girls you all have in this game are nice and hot but epic failure on the butt or third option add morphs to the butt itself so people can just do it them self in character creation pool.

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