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An overview of what's happened over the past few weeks.

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So.... Where to start.... Tiesto, Xaxk, and myself (DragosteBel), will be the only ones working on this mod at the time being. Scarfie is having issues at home, and has to stop development on his side. He made the decision to give the developer of Hearts of Iron: Nuclear Aftermath, ALL of our materials that we've created thus far, which we completely disagree with him doing, but what's done is done. So from now on, us 3 will be a joint team working on the mod. Progress will indeed be slower than it has been, but it WILL get done. If anyone wants to help, who is an experienced HoI modder, please contact us, as we are in need of all the help we can get. Thank you all for you continued support, we'll get this done for you guys, one way or another!


Blackfalcon501 - - 244 comments

Comrade If you need I could provide sound effects and other audio, I can also do some flags as well if that is cool with you guys

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DragosteBel Author
DragosteBel - - 50 comments

Sorry for the late reply, completely forgot to check the article comments (whoops)! I'll send you a message right away!

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