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Mecha Turn Based Strategy x Action game "DUAL GEAR" |PC|Mac|Xone|PS4| See a 18 minutes of pre-alpha game play footage!

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After Indiegogo and steam greenlight campaign launched. We release the game footage for one mission from a Pre-Alpha Demo 0.50. The video'll show more weapon combat and how to control the mech and team. Pre-Alpha demo of the game is ready to download here! Also a crowdfunding campaign still on the way. Please support our game and get more exclusive item when the game release!


So this game is akin to combining Front Mission TB gameplay with controllable mechs? Very interesting.

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Dualgear Author

Right! pal.

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Got a few questions after seeing the video

so I'll put em down here and see what happens.

1: While the game does very clearly take its main inspiration for the combat system from Valkyria chronicles I also see there are no method at the moment to repair/heal fielded units, to me it feels like RNG can decide to just screw the player over at random by blowing off crucial weapons/parts wich I can see leading to loading saves a LOT, is this going to stay as is ?

2: Most peoples talking mechs nowadays will also want to bring up customisation, whats the extent of planned customisation at the moment ?

3: The mechs have been shown off plenty but I'd be willing to bet there'll be progression with the pilots of said mechs, what will be the effects of pilot evolution and can we influence it ?

4: How will the missions be put in place ?

Will it be a linear campaign like valkyria chronicles where missions are as they are and never change ?

Or rather

A campaign with branching paths depending on players choices like armored core games tend to do ?

Or even

A randomly generated campaign like what Xcom Ennemy unknown does where missions are generated randomly using pre-existing maps and an overarching goal ?

5: Is there any plans regarding modding ?

and thats about all the questions I can think of at the moment.

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Dualgear Author

Hi :) We will answer your question here.

1. We have plans of a repair unit that can be equipped as a backpack. However, it is not ready to be implemented into the game at this time. The gameplay is not finalized yet and will be improved as we develop.

2.The unit is built from 5 different part, The head, body, arms, backpack, and the leg. All can be customize with color and camouflage. Parts are unlocked as you play throughout the game via enemy drop, mission reward and store(in-game currency).

3.You will be able to recruit pilot in the game. Each pilot will be able to earn EXP and LV up. All of the skill the Dual Gear can do is from the pilot. So it is is important that you have both good pilot and good machine! The recruit pilot is a permanent death. However, there will be story pilots who won't be permanent death.

4. 30 story missions with replay value + several other sub missions

5. Will announce at a later date.

Thank for the questions, you can check out detail on Indiegogo campaign page :)

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