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I'm actually searching for someone knowing well the module_system to help me to finish the multiplayer Dungeon Mode

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Hi all !
As I said in previous post, I made a dungeon map playable in multiplayer. In this dungeon, you'll play in co-op, running through the corridors of a necromancian temple, fight against hordes of undead & dark priests, defeat some abominable creatures, guardians of the temple, jump above emptiness, cross a labyrinth, solve some puzzles... Well, a dungeon !

Here is the concept :
You'll always spawn at the door of the dungeon. As you cross the dungeon, you'll open some cell's door : there are spawn points, you may teleport to at portals in the beggining of the map. So you'll beggin with the other players (3-6 players recommanded) at the entry of the dungeon. Make a well-balanced team, with warrior, archer, robber, magician.. And you'll have to adventure into the dungeon. Behind any door, you'll have to fight some monsters : sometimes it just on or two skeletons, sometimes it's a boss of the dungeon. To open the doors, you'll frequently have to find a hidden trigger, or to visit an other part of the dungeon to find how open it. The level of the monsters will be better & better as you progress in the dungeon.

To spawn the dungeon's units, I made a scene_prop item summoning a unit of the choosen type at his position. It works, but if the script summoning a unit is automatic, the units does'nt react to anything. If you have to set off this script (hitting the scene_prop, for exemple), it works perfectly but it makes the game lag.

Here is the script :
spr_summon 805371915 32 summon bo_summon 1
-40.000000 2 1972 1 360287970189640571 1770 2 72057594037927936 1224979098644774916

So I need some modders to help me, making a scene_prop object summining a unit after X seconds, because I think that this script would work if it is not sought from the loading of the map.

Here is the post I published about this problem :

If someone wants to help me, he'll permit to make a great bonus for this mod and I think we'll all be happy for this. :)

Gimblob - - 177 comments

Sounds awesome! Too bad i can't help cuz i don't know how to mod.

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Horla - - 393 comments

Hey Harosem, I may be able to help you. I'll contact you on the TW forum.

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Heorl_256 - - 1,103 comments

We do not need multiplayer.

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Heorl_256 - - 1,103 comments

Hahaha:)The amazing think is that if someone wanted to help he/she can't contact with the creator

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