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SCUD Storm's future plans and changes, and recruitment.

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Hey everyone, the last few weeks have been really busy for us and myself and E! were discussing a few things in relation to the future development of SCUD Storm.
The main point being SCUD Storm is now a public BETA
The main reason for this being we would like everyone who is a fan of SCUD Storm to help test in the development of this, find bugs, give us feedback etc
Since it is the Christmas holidays now we should be a lot more productive and hopefully release some form of BETA to you before the new year since it will take some time for us to tie up the loose ends in the current build we already know about.
Some things should be noted first:

  • RS4015 is the lead FWP tester so if you would like to organize a mass online testing match, he's your man to talk to.
  • We will write a few tutorials on how to test with the Renegade engine and how to find, and note bugs, take screenshots and find crashdumps.
  • All bugs should be reported on Battlefordune.eu and NOT ModDB or anywhere else, including private messages, (registering an account requires administrator validation but you shouldn't have to wait more than an hour when living within +4 of GMT, or 2 hours when outside this.
  • It is preferable for crashes to include a crash dump and a detailed description of what was happening when the crash took place. Screenshots are also extremely helpful when showing map related or model related bugs.

For future release we desparatley need 3D artists, unwrappers, textures and mappers. You can apply on ModDB via PM or on the forums ( Battlefordune.eu ). The minimum requirement for this is simply to show us a piece of work you have done to prove you are capable at what you do. We appreciate the fact that many people may join as amateur artists or mappers etc and will pick up experience as they work on the project.

Seasons greetings,

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