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After 2 years of work, and a bunch of time wasted trying to come up with ideas or design choices and balancing, it's released.

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Hi guys! ZikShadow here, you guys who played Cry of Fear may know or even played a custom campaign there named Scrolls of Shaimoon, now, previously during the Cry of Fear Custom Campaign Competition made by ruMpel and the YouTuber Pewdiepie (Which was never finished due to unknown reasons.) i made this custom campaign, so technically this is my first CC.

I couldn't finish the CC because of time constraint and the fact that i couldn't think about how good is my CC until other people played it, so i made it to the 3rd map and i called it quits.

From a lot of people online, through the forums and YouTube, i see that a lot of people are unsatisfied and in fact annoyed with my CC, i understand and acknowledged it, so i made a 1.2 version, but in my opinion, a few of the changes in 1.2 i disliked, like making the puzzle in the 3rd map a milk run, and all, but overall people liked it so i just go with it.

In time, the Competition ended, nobody got prizes but still got the reputation and everything so i guess it's okay, but i was still unsatisfied knowing that my CC is still unfinished, so i decide to go fix a whole lot of thing and finish the CC complete.

Gave it 2 endings, 3 new maps, massively edited the geometry of the original 3 maps, changed a few things here and there, place some secrets, tested the CC again and again, and now here it is, complete.

I hope you guys liked this CC, i sure had fun making it (Not really, map making errors and missing items during uploads really jerked me off.).

The Scrolls of Shaimoon 2.0 - Full Version


SweetRamona - - 5,113 comments

Looks awesome.

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TheUnbeholden - - 3,612 comments

Finally another cry of fear mission.

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edvinbrofist1 - - 1 comments

I cant play this map on windows 10 for some reason :(

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