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The Kitten Super Adventure Indiegogo campaign page is now live!

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Kitten Super Adventure is a game where you play as a kitten and explore tons of worlds, your mission is to collect the stolen catnip bags and bring them back to Cat Islands, only then can you save your kitten companions and stop the islands from sinking!

The evil Dr. Tricksies who was banished to an isolated island because of his crazy experiments finally got his revenge on the rest of the kittens by stealing all the catnip bags. Will he stop there?

No his plans are much more diabolical then that, Dr. Tricksies and the minions he has gathered plan to sink the islands, drown all the kittens and build a floating castle where Cat Islands once was.

Who can save Cat Islands and the kittens who live there?

Only one kitten can, that is you!

Gameplay for Kitten Super Adventure will resemble similar gameplay to that of Spyro The Dragon, what I mean by this is in Spyro there were the base areas for the level and then inside of that level, numerous portals to other playable areas.

Kitten Super Adventure will resemble similar gameplay but instead of diamonds being collected, you will be collecting catnip bags and have puzzles to solve.

You can collect catnip bags from enemies, find treasure chests, solve puzzles, complete missions and much more!

A big inspiration for making this game was a huge desire to be a kitten, I am sure a lot of us have had this feeling at one point or another hehe to be a kitten and lounge around or go on secret missions where only a kitten could go! The adventures of a kitten must be so thrilling!!

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