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This is it! our thrilling rogue lite platformer ScourgeBringer is OUT on PC Nintendo Switch & Xbox!

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Hello everyone,

We’re finally here!

We cannot believe it, to be honest. ScourgeBringer is officially out of Early Access.

We also want to take a moment to thank the entire community for being amazing all throughout early Alpha all the way up to this point. We couldn’t have done it without your support and we are so grateful for that.

Alright, let’s get to the meat of it.

Here are the full patch notes of this update:



- A new secret Realm with own twist and enemies: The Beyond

- 2 dedicated bosses

- 8 dedicated enemies (with 4 alpha variants)

- 1 dedicated mini-boss

- Lots of new enemies to existing Realms:

- 8 new mini-bosses

- 5 new enemies

- Secret rooms

- A mysterious altar where the sacrifice your Judge Blood. What will happen?

- 3 different endings

- 13 new achievements

Hard mode:

- Added a whole new post-game content: The Chaos Roots (which unlocks by beating the Ordeal once)

- Game modifiers: 10 modifiers to tweak your own challenge within the Chaos Roots

- Difficulty: tweak the difficulty of enemy waves

- Blood: tweak the amount of blood dropped

- Enemies: tweak the aggressivity of enemies and bosses

- Realms: tweak the size of Realms

- Max HP: tweak the maximum starting HP

- HP: tweak the health items drop rate


- Oppression: enemy waves start to appear before the previous one has been cleaned

- Danger: traps will deal more than 1 HP of damage

- Jump: staying on ground for more than 1 second will inflict damage

- Escalation: for each beaten Realm, each inflicted damage is increase by 1


- Enemies now have a family type (among organic, construct, and devil)

- Enemies now have resistance to specific attacks depending on their type (e.g. constructs will resist to bullets)

- Added visual feedback above Kyhra when bonuses are looted to display the total bonus without having to look at the map


- New shop type: weapon shop

- New shop type: cursed shop


- Revamped weapon system which now supports BLAST.32 modifications

- Weapon modifications can be dropped or bought at shops

- New weapons: big laser, refract laser, big grenade, multi grenade, double gun


- Added 11 cursed Blessings:

- CURSED DRAGON PUNCH: Bullets deflected by Dragon Punch will target enemies, but its cooldown is increased by 50%

- CURSED SECOND WIND: Upon reaching 0 HP, you are saved and get back 34% of your max HP, but lose all of your Blessings

- CURSED GLASS CANNON: Lose 50% of your max HP, but deal 50% more sword damage

- CURSED SMASH: Instead of reflecting bullets, the Smash will refill BLAST.32 reload energy upon hitting bullets

- CURSED HIT: Depending on your current luck, you may not lose any HP upon getting hit, but you'll lose 2 HP otherwise

- CURSED TRANSMUTATION: Convert all the Judge Blood aquired during this run into normal Blood (1 to 1000)

- CURSED VITALITY: Lose 67% of your max HP and health items have no effect anymore, but you gain 1 HP every 1000 Blood collected

- CURSED DEAL: Get back 50% of your HP, but your weapon will be replaced with the default revolver with no mods

- CURSED WEAPON: Upgrades your weapon into a maxed out weapon of the same type, but you'll lose 50% max HP

- CURSED MOD: Weapon mod effects are 50% stronger, but weapon damage are 50% weaker

- CURSED AMMO: Each fired bullet also consume 200 Blood, but is 50% more powerful

- Added 8 more normal Blessings:

- HIGH CONFIDENCE: BLAST.32 deals 5% more damage per room cleared without getting hit. Resets if hit, and capped to 50%

- INSTANT MOD: Adds a random mod to your current weapon (or replaces one if the weapon is maxed out)

- BLOOD FAVOR: Deal 5% more damage for every 1000 Blood you hold on to (capped to 50%)

- TOP PREDATOR: When on max HP, all damages are increased by 50%

- LAST STAND: When you have 1 HP left, all damages are increased by 50%

- KEEP ROLLING: Smashing shop items doesn't increase their cost

- FASTER DRAGON: Reduces the cooldown of Dragon Punch by 50%

- LARGER SMASH: Increases the reach of the Smash

- Blessings which have a progression now have a progression bar under their icon


- Added Shield and Strong Shield, which allows to get hit without loosing HP once or twice

- Items now have rarity ratings

- Added a set of super rare items that can be obtained only with some Blessings or skills


- The right stick manual aim is now disabled by default (this was misleading because the game is designed to work with the auto aim and some players were struggling because they felt using the stick was the intended way to play)

- We added an option (in controls) to manually enable the right stick aim, and added an option to only aim (not fire)


- More log files have been added and now only drops in specific Realms

- New mysteries have been added

- Two new NPCs



- Difficult rooms are now less likely

- Difficult rooms will now have 2 waves instead of 3

- Challenge rooms are now more challenging


- Some Realms will now require to beat more than one mini-boss to unlock the boss door

- BLAST.32 reload energy is now capped to the number of missing bullets (it is not possible anymore to have a full clip loaded ahead)

- Added some juice to canceling bullets with the smash when the player doesn't have Lethal Club skill

- Weapons drop rates are now bound to each Realm (i.e. the more you progress, the rarer the weapons)

- Reduced the occurrence of harder rooms in normal runs

- Changed the icon of the Fury recharge bonus to be more relatable


- Bet: smashing shop items will now yields items of the same family (health will reroll into health, etc.), and the more you smash an item, the more rare it'll get (up to a rotation of 3 items, after which the rotation will come back to the original item, while keeping the price increase)

- Living Dangerously: if an item can't be upgraded, it will now be converted into 25% of its blood value

- Determination: now also recharges the Fury


- Laid Down Arms: has been removed because it didn't make much sense with the new weapon/shop system


- Bubblegum, Suspicious Shroom, and Blue Pill items have been removed from the game because they felt too underwhelming

- Removed max ammo items because they didn't add much to the gameplay and made things more bloated

- Shops will now always propose at least a normal item and an upgraded item

- Power Pack and Force Pack have been removed from shops

- Energy Bar will now drop randomly in rooms

- Health related items drop rates have been rebalanced to drop less +MAX HP

- Items now have background colors corresponding to their family


- Drops and shops will no more propose the same weapon as the currently equipped weapon

- Stun weapons have been removed from the game

Challenge rooms:

- An Ammo Crate is now guaranteed to drop upon completing a Challenge room


- All the texts have been rewritten to be smoother and more comprehensive, while also adding a new reading layers for players reaching the post-game

- All logs have been rewritten and some of them will now only drop in specific Realms


- All music have been finilized and masterized

- All sounds have been masterized


- A lot of optimizations have been made to use less GPU memory (this should make GPU with 512MB or less of memory to run way smoother)

- Optimized loadings for faster and more efficient data handling


Fixes defaulting controls mapping isn't applied in game

Fixes game resuming from pause while settings menu still visible if closed with the start button

Fixes ammo and reload energy bar going too high into the Blessing and HP UI

Fixes Gyroscopic Compass not working in Challenge rooms

Fixes a very rare crash when starting the game in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean

Fixes Laid Down Arms blessing not being active in Challenge rooms

Fixes exploding bullets still exploding on the player when smash without Lethal Club

Fixes Nightweaver being targetable by the Fury when it is off-screen

Fixes Smashing items doesn't allow to choose which item is smashed

Fixes Smashing computer and logs

Fixes Crystalization culminating with Starting Package

Fixes exploding enemies having a very long explosion time if hit by a lot of smashed bullets

Fixes flies looping their attack sound

Fixes unwanted presence of crude words

Fixes dropped items going through doors (and possibly warping into the void)

Fixes dash direction not following the mouse aim when sticked on a wall

Fixes typos

Thanks again, and be sure to join us over on the Discord to hang out further and discuss the game!

ScourgeBringer Indie DB

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