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Post news RSS ScourgeBringer is getting a new world for the Old World update!

Discover the Old World, the brand new world available for our early access rogue lite platformer ScourgeBringer by Flying Oak Games.

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Hello Fated Ones!

The Old World update has just been released, and we're so excited to see how you enjoy it. The game will also be on sale for one week starting today 7PM CET / 1PM ET. Discover our new trailer:

As always, we want to thank our amazing community that continues to enjoy, support, and feedback on our game. We wouldn’t be here without the players support and we’re really thankful we get tons of feedback throughout our journey! 💞


This update is quite large as it contains a whole new realm in addition to skills and altars. As always, we have a few changes to showcase as well.

PLEASE NOTE: there's a new experimental difficulty management!! If the game feels off to you, be it too easy or difficult, please let us know. We are heavily investigating this and quite keen to hear feedback on it so we can adjust as soon as possible.

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Here is the full changelog:



A new Realm has been added, along with its set of enemies, mini-boss, and boss.

Challenge rooms: you will now occasionally encounter difficult optional rooms.

A new alternate mini-boss has been added to World 1 (more will come later).


Some rooms now have alternate easier or harder enemy waves to make the game more diverse with a more progressive difficulty.


It is now possible to enable/disable unlocked skills.

Persistent Blessing: you can start a run with a random Blessing from your previous run (providing that you found at least 3 of them during your previous run).

Round-trip slap: dashing on a stunned enemy will extend the stun duration by 50%.

Biting back: when you take damage from an enemy, it will be marked for 1.5s during which it'll take 50% more damage.

Starting package: you start runs with 500 droplets and a 2x combo.

Chain Dash: shortly after killing an enemy with a Dash, you can immediately perform another very long Dash.


Heavy hitter (requires Lethal club skill): smashed bullets deal 50% more damage.

Biting harder (requires Biting back skill): when you get hit, all enemies are affected by Biting back.


Added a setting to tweak enemies bullets speed.

Added a setting to tweak HP regeneration.

Added a launch parameter "-noSound" to start the game without any sound initialized.


A new NPC has been added to show up on rare occasions and cheer up learning players.


Added support for Traditional Chinese for Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau.



Stun-locking enemies by spamming Ground Pound should be greatly reduced.

Exploding enemies (e.g. Splat-flies) can now be smashed back and will explode at other enemies or on walls (not dealing damage to the player).

We fully remade the level generation algorithm, it is now more robust and produces levels with a way better room spread and no more missing/unreachable rooms.

Aim snapping while Dashing will now ignore enemies if they are currently doing contact damages (e.g. bats dashing).

BLAST.32 now has a maximum distance from which it can be from Kyhra and can't be too far away from her.

Updated the Altar icon on the map to be more relevant.

Doors won't open until bosses/mini-bosses have dropped their loot.

The bestiary has been reorganized to be in the same order as the enemies appear.

The game will now remember that you beat the boss of the last available world to unlock the next branch skill once the next game update is available (you won't have to re-beat the boss after the update availability to unlock the new branch).

Item drops will now spawn consecutively instead of all at once.

Logs will not drop until you talk to Garo for the first time.

"Hatching" enemies will no longer be cleaned by Fury.

There is now a slight air control upon finishing a Dash.


Ground Pound: Kyhra no more dashes straight to the ground if the skill hasn't been unlocked (it'll be a normal dash downward).

Dirty Barry: the skill has been revamped and now gives a damage bonus to stunned enemies for all ranged weapons (instead of giving a different starting weapon).

Raining Blood: the skill has been removed because it wasn't useful and gave too many Judge droplets (it has been replaced by Round-Trip slap).


Optimized our engine to have a lower file footprint (about 50% less files).


Korean has been retranslated.

Simplified Chinese has been retranslated.

Japanese has been retranslated.


Fixes bosses going out of bound if smashed too hard.

Fixes wall sliding sound playing when paused.

Fixes item drops getting stuck if a boss is beaten while being off the map.

Fixes invisible block during the Smash tutorial.

Fixes a very rare crash involving lasers.

Fixes Bileranhas making very annoying sounds upon beating it if there are Splat-flies around.

Fixes Bileranhas vomit continuing even after beating it.

Fixes Instant Gift blessing not playing the "skill point cashing in" animation.

Fixes Extreme Torque physics which could have unpredictable effects.

Fixes Kyhra jumping when closing the skill tree or nexus computer is the cancel action is bound to the jump button.

Fixes Adult splatfly bullets going backward.

Fixes "space" keyboard key resetting default binding when setting a binding.

Fixes bosses not properly canceling their attack when stun/ko.

Fixes Dragon Punch sound playing too many times.

Fixes World 4 mini boss not teleporting and doing its spinning attack inside the room.

Fixes CJK languages line breaking rules.

Fixes various typos.

We will still continue to collect and consider feedback throughout our journey over on our Discord. Feel free to come by and say hello!

Cheers and enjoy,

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