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Post news RSS Scene Loads now grant 50-60fps up from 30fps!

I added scene loads as you roam the map so you can experience awesomeness in 50-60fps instead of weaksauce 30-40fps!

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New Scene loads to increase frame rates dramatically! Your fps can now be 60fps+, up from 30fps!

  1. What this actually means is that I cut out things slowing down the game to give you way better performance as the player!
  2. I added new scene transition loads so any player on any computer (unless of course you dug up your old grandpa's computer from the basement and blew the dust off it from the 90's, but even then there may be hope for you) and experience super high frame rates and get the best experience possible! Also, have no fear because there's only a three of four loads in the game for now!
  3. The actual in game load wait time in game is about half a second so you may even miss it if you blink! This video is in game edit mode which is a lot slower than the actual game. =)

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