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As I promised you that I will upload some screens of...

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As I promised you that I will upload some screens of the weapons that will be used in the game,maybe modified or added over the time.Here are the only weapons that will appear only to one character and that is the British girl.


Flintlock Musket

Those of you who are new I will let you know,the original idea of the girl's weapons had to be Schiavona(A weapon like rapier) and double barrel pistol(instead of musket).I changed these weapons with the current ones.Why? Because the schiavona is not a british weapon and it doesn't fit to the game and the double barrel pistol wasn't a good choice because it is a small weapon and easy to shoot with and not that powerful,why we needed that,the girl will shoot only from large distances with the ranged weapon and it must be a powerful attack,in close combat,she will use the sword.

vfn4i83 - - 692 comments

nice models, like the sabre a lot, and has a spanish feeling into it.

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FPSGamer Author
FPSGamer - - 195 comments

these are far the best models I made

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