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Rules and Regulations regarding Hacking. News Update: Hackers will not be banned on all occasions.

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Rules and Regulations regarding Hacking

Hackers will not be banned on all occasions.

Here at Hidden Network Games we want our players and supporters to grow their knowledge so we will be implementing a system called the HackStem System. The HackStem System will handle hackers in-game inside the computers and electronics in-game and the hackers using client hacks. Hackers who can successfully get past the HackStem System using client side hacks such as enhanced vision (x-ray) and other likewise mods that do not make the player impossible to defeat will be rewarded by being allowed to use that specific hack during gameplay. Any player found using other hacks however such as the gravity/fly hacks or damage/health hacks will be banned for life with very little chance of being unbanned.

In-game there will be HackStem as well but instead of seeing what programs you're using other then CyberShot it will be controlling the entire database of internal trades and such with the computers and other in-game electronics. There will be the ability to hack HackStem's system and bypass the security to do small things. More info coming about HackStem soon under our forums topic Regarding Hackers & Hacks.

Thank you for all of your support on our project CyberShot!

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