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Ok, MAJOR update for Ruby: A RWBY Fangame v0.8.2. New partners, loading screen, upgrades for Crescent Rose, Villains from the show, continue after defeat, aura restoring potions, and much more.

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Saws and Grapple Hooks Modifications on Cressent Rose

Contains several new features since last time:

- You can now fight Neo, Roman, and Cinder in Arcade Mode

- You can select a partner to bring in Arcade Mode, or go solo.

- If your party wipes in arcade mode you are given a chance to retry at the wave you lost on. Aura, Stamina, Ammo is reset to defaults.

- Yang is now available as a partner instead of Weiss.

- Ability to equip modules to Crescent Rose, replacing certain attacks with new variations. Hit Enter to open menu. Hover over button to see which combos are effected. Only Grapple Hook, Saw mode, and Assault Mode available.

- A small Arcade Mode opening cinematic

- Potions Heal 100% of Aura now.

- Potions can now be collected used at whim if any available. Press 'E' to use.

- Bullets do more damage.

- Better Item Spawn Rates

- Blake Placeholder. She's arriving soon I promise.

Character Select

- Bug fixes

- New Bugs to replace fixed bugs :(

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