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We have a new Awakening of Heroes video to share with you! It’s a sneak peek of a game production, presenting a step-by-step integration of a hero into a game scene. Check up the awakening process of Roger McBacon, one of our first heroes.

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This process is possible thanks to Unity 3D, a powerful rendering engine that is able to import models and animations from almost any 3D application. But before integrating 3D models into Unity, we need to work with multiple tools in order to create those models from hand drawn sketches.
By using 3D software for modeling and materialization, model is getting its form. Painting and texturing is done in software for image processing and in combination with 3D software packages.Next task is to prepare model for animation. After that, animations for several actions are created and imported into Unity3D. Integration with Unity 3D is very easy and natural. With a little help of coding, a hero comes to life.

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