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It's been a while since my last (and first!) note. This time I am proud to share some new artwork and a very first NPC character - Willy.

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Despite having plenty of other activities, such as Uni, part-time job and girlfriend, I keep River Town moving forward in order to make it ready for the Kickstarter campaign.


This time I have redesigned the main character - now it is more chibi-styled, which suits well to the overall game theme (unlike the previous one!). Obviously it still needs some sort of refinements, but that'll happen during further design-focused development. Still not sure about his colour scheme - well, I have some brief ideas, however I am not convinced enough to choose any of those. I'd be delighted if some of you could participate in comments and type your ideas for the character's colour palette.

Non-Playable Characters

Meet Willy. This charming fella has been added to the game so I can test the events system. :)

Moreover, I also got the branching dialogs system done, but that's a story for a separate note, since it's one of the major game features.

Radial Context Menu

The crucial part of the navigation in the River Town engine are context menus. Those little (but handy) features are nothing else as predefined menus exclusive for certain object types (Something like this worked pretty well in The Sims for instance). Though the design has not been completed yet, the engine works very well - here is a little sneak peek.

What's next?

So now I will concentrate on following features, one by one.

- Weather system (a bit underestimated but powerful feature!) - Just like in the real world, weather will be simulated according to the current season. Also, weather can be predicted through a Weather Forecast TV Channel (to be implemented a bit later on).
- Enhance Events system - improvements to the existing system - I want to make it more powerful and give myself more flexibility when coming up with new NPC events (such as dependancy on weather conditions).

For now, Here is a bunch of weather conditions to be implemented:

- Sunny - A standard weather during which all villagers stick to their schedules.
- Mild rain - Nice weather with a mild or moderate rain. Your plants will be watered automatically. Also, villagers don't change their regular daily schedule during this weather.
- Heavy rain - Most of the villagers avoid spending their time outside, some facilities might be closed. Your crops will be watered automatically.
- Fog - Some villagers do not wish to go outside if they don't have to.
- Storm - Villagers avoid going outside, most of the facilities are closed. Pets should be kept in home (otherwise they will love you less!). Also, some of the crops might get ruined.
- Mild snow - Same as in case of Mild rain
- Heavy snow - Same as in case of Heavy rain

Fresh screenshot :)

... and a huge favor!

So yes, the project is growing constantly. Therefore I gently ask you to leave your suggestions, opinions and all the feedback I can think of. That helps a lot during the development and will result in a more quality product at the end (which is a benefit for you eventually).

Moreover, if you want to be updated on one of my social media, there you go!

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