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The year is 714 AP. Amidst continuing conflict, alliances begin to form between the many rising empires inhabiting the galaxy. There are whispers of an ancient alien race, coming from a far away galaxy to conquer and eliminate all who would oppose them...

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EDIT: Version 1.0.1 is now live on ModDB. Further patches should be released more or less synchronously on Steam and ModDB, though as before there may be a slight delay as people come and go offline or bugs are identified and hotfixes made.

In case you haven't been paying too much attention to our Workshop page (who'd blame you? :P), Rising Stars has finally gone live on the Steam Workshop with its first major release, 'The Glory of War'. (As you might have guessed, this is appropriate in more than one way, given the return of the Rahta.)

The full patch notes can be found at Steamcommunity.com, but here's a rundown of the basics:

  • Restored and moderately revamped Rahta and Fasshi with the new Glory/Comfort mechanic (the underlying structure is the same, though they act in opposite ways).
    • Most of their war-dependent buffs/debuffs, and a few other things, have been migrated to the Glory/Comfort mechanic - it's no longer a simple matter of sending a war declaration anymore, you have to actually fight the war.
    • Rahta no longer get civilian Research, instead converting it into Defense and Labor. Instead, destroy enemies to gain Research and Glory, contest star systems and conquer planets to gain Glory - that Glory grants powerful boosts to your empire, but decays over time and may weaken a passive player considerably.
    • Fasshi slowly gain Comfort that bolsters their economic and diplomatic abilities, but contesting systems or losing things in combat will take a chunk out of their Comfort meter and potentially weaken them.
  • Added the new Researcher lifestyle, exemplified by the Alipha.
    • Pathetic armor technology offset by powerful shields and the ability to improve their research output.
  • Restored various subsystems and game configuration options from ABEM, added a few new subsystems.
  • Rebalanced basic weapons, all armor and shields - advanced weapons will follow later.
  • Added the Technocracy government, with an alternate tech grid that takes WotH's infinite progression techs to their logical extreme in a way that resembles the tech trees of the original Star Ruler or the Space Empires games.

Unfortunately, the ModDB release is going to be delayed until a minor patch can be pushed out to the Workshop. There's a couple of nasty issues that need to be solved, and I'd rather not risk compatibility issues from having the Workshop build run behind the non-Workshop one.

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