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Rising Islands is finally launching, and we couldn't be more excited!

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Rising Islands is finally on Steam!
It's cost us time, sweat and toil, but here we are, ready to launch!
Get your dose of action-adventure platforming by following the link below!

We also have a bundle which includes the complete soundtrack as well as an artbook.

A big thanks to everyone who has posted reviews and let's plays of the game. It's great to hear what you think and we have learned a lot.

We have also made some updates after receiving feedback from the preview we sent out. These updates are now live and we hope that this will provide a better experience when playing Rising Islands.

The update includes the following fixes:
- Updated 2D cutscenes
- Fixed Time trial showing collectibles at end
- Fixed Time trial not showing restart option if lose cutscene is skipped
- Fixed a bug where the player could infinitely wallrun
- Fixed checkpoints that spawned Hairo in the middle of nowhere
- Filled a hole where Hairo could get stuck in the tutorial level
- Credits fixed at the end of the game
- Minor text fixes

You can follow the update thread on our Steam community page: Steamcommunity.com

Thank you everyone who has supported us, tried the game on events and has given us feedback throughout the development of Rising Islands. We hope that you will enjoy playing the game.

/ The Lone Hero Team

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