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A short video and description of the abilities and skills used by Luther Talbot, the Velisian Rifleman.

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The Headshot ability is a long range attack that deals physical damage to a single enemy unit. The attack has a high AP cost, preventing Luther from performing many more actions. When the ability is fully upgraded, Luther becomes a Sniper and shoots an explosive round which causes damage to all enemies in a small area.

EMP Grenade

The EMP Grenade is an area attack that deals magical damage to a group of enemies. This attack has a mid-range, making it Luther's lowest ranged attack. Fully upgrading EMP Grenade turns Luther into a Saboteur , the area damage he deals is much larger and can also stun enemies.


Mercy, similarly to Headshot, is a physical damage attack which is usable over a long range. Mercy deal slow damage to a single unit, however, if the enemy unit dies, Luther regains Action Points. When Mercy is fully upgraded, Luther becomes an Angel of Death and receives a buff to his damage when he kills a unit with this ability.

Mark Target

Mark Target is a long range ability that lowers the target enemy's physical and magical defences, making them much easier to take down. When Mark Target is fully upgrades, Luther becomes a Sentinel, a unit that is able to further debuff a group of enemies in an area.

ChrisWilson Author

This time it really is the Riflemans Video! appolgises for the mix up last time around. Comments and Feedback as always most welcome and encouraged.

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