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Hello everyone! We have some news and progress that we would love to share with you. There is a new trailer, new screenshots, gifs and updated demo. Check it all out!

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Hello everyone !


We have some news and progress that we would love to share with you. There is a new trailer, new screenshots and updated demo. Check it all out!

Game Diary
Our dullahan heroine is getting stronger and more playful. So are we playing as her or with her? We can even call her dullahead, but there will be more hints in the game itself 😊. In any case, with the help of our heroine, we have learned to reshape the space we are building and we are getting much deeper into the world you will soon be able to explore.
In fact, we can already tell you that you will experience levels Craneyard (current demo), Park, Slide, Grotto, Reactor, Headache, Thunderstorm (aka Crane again), Downhill and Launch. Why 9 levels? We are a small team. And at this scale we know we can finish the game in high quality.



RepeatScreen Smaller 7

Dev Diary:
In recent months, our work commitment has seamlessly shifted from regular crunch time to a berserk state. In doing so we achieved a number of key milestones and goals while also fulfilling our vision and pain. Technical and design elements are now stable and open a wealth of possibilities for us to work with in terms of audiovisual design. Thanks to lighting, dullahan head personalisation and 2D graphics (graffiti and textures included) we managed to unify the feel of the game.
The individual levels are now based on a solid architecture that also works with much more detail (obviously, the same applies for all objects). Optimization has also been done and the game runs much smoother than it used to. Of course, we are continuously working out the bugs, and if you run into any bugs in the demo, please report them to us.
Although there is still a lot to do in the development of the whole game, the demo is already gold 😊.




Try the demo right now : Store.steampowered.com
(and if you enjoy it, don't forget to wishlist and follow, it helps a lot!)

We believe you can look forward to the game, we're giving it our all!
Thank you and see you soon !

Repeat Team


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