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A brief article about the time this project is taking, and why.

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Hello everyone! 0/

You will surely have noticed that this taking really long to be released, and that not much screenshots are being shown. The cause of this is because, besides from this, I'm (trying) to make a game too, and it takes some time from me too. However, as now I have summer holidays, I'm able to work a lot more in this project. If everything goes fine, I'll have the part 1 of "The Otherworld" released by finals of July-Middle of August.

Of course, when I release part two, I'll make a pack containing both parts, so you can play it without any stop.

By the moment, I have achieved 30 minutes-45 (depending on the person) of gameplay, so it's something!
The estimated lenght of part 1 will be 90 minutes-150, depending on the player.

Don't think this is dead, now is more alive than ever, now that I have time.

Have a nice summer! :)

-The Chaser

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