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The game is finally finished! Well, almost anyways...

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What a journey! And now it is finally coming to an end.

Almost anyways...
I'm still fixing some "unexpected" bugs so the actual game will be ready in a few days.

This is the result for my final school project where the goal was to make a game with a finished game-engine.

I hardly knew about Unity, or game engines in general, and only knew a little programming before i started this project so I had to learn and try everything as I went along.
I'm very surprised and proud over how much I was able to make even though I had to cut out (and change) quite a bit form the original idea.

Hint for the future: I'm probably not going to make an adventure games. I'm probably going to make simulation/building games and probably publish them here. So try the game as soon as I upload it and keep an eye out for games made by me (Thism2) in the future!

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